Advertising in Austria for our national business partners

With our global brands you may also reach your target group in Austria. Our established brands GEO and SCHÖNER WOHNEN are published as a so-called “Austrian Split”.

The ELTERN Austria Special SCHWANGERSCHAFT & BABY is the competent pre-natal advisor and the most important reading matter during a child’s first year.

Each issue is complemented with an additional Austrian editorial part and offers the optimal advertising environment for your national campaign in Austria!

Our readers and business partners benefit both – from the high-quality journalism and the good image of our established magazine brands. You get the opportunity for national ad booking with a prominent placement at the first pages of each magazine.

Benefit also from the large digital reach in Austria! With the AdA Germany portfolio we offer relevant inventory in Austria in all segments, for example in the target groups Woman, Family, Living, Travel and Food.

We will be happy to create a concrete offer or set up programmatic deals for you.

Contact Michaela Fischer-Backhausen today for an offer!

Our G+J portfolio in Austria

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