Podcast: André Freiheit on the future of the media industry

Our Executive Director André Freiheit shared his insights on media collaborations as an alternative to the powerful competitors like Google, Amazon or facebook (GAFAs) in the latest episode of the OSB podcast. In addition to national media sales alliances, international media sales units need to join forces as well.

Individual media use is changing rapidly, and results in a dynamically changing advertising business. There is constant pressure from the GAFAs, and individual media sales house are not capable to withstand this in the long term.

While there are already partnerships at local and national level (like the Ad Alliance in Germany), the increasing competitive pressure calls for closer international collaboration of media sales houses to offer an alternative to GAFA.

The future of the media industry lies in collaborative partnerships

André Freiheit believes in “together we are stronger”. Pooling the data of individual media sales houses enables all of them to offer the kind of advertising option that advertisers demand today: highly focused and without major scatter losses.

However, such collaborations require mutual trust and a certain openness to new things, as well as a solid technological set-up for shared inventories. 

For more, check out the podcast (in German).