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Prisma Media Solutions has 8.7 million Unique Visitors every day. This power makes PMS the leading media agency in terms of daily audience in France.

You may take advantage of this instantaneous power to gain visibility and to support your brand's high points like the launch of a new product or range or the support for a commercial event (short-lived offer, open day, etc.). The variety of the Prisma Media brands and their audiences allows you to reach more than 20% of the main marketing targets in a single day! For example, the PMS network reaches 24% of purchasing managers, 23% of women and 21% of the CSP+, every single day! 

The challenge: the digital market is in full mutation

Compliance with the regulatory framework with consent collection 

Anticipating a world without third-party cookies 

Supply Path Optimization 
Optimizing programmatic buying for more efficient access 

Demonstrate effectiveness at every stage of a campaign 

Activation and data sharing 

We help you to meet the challenges of the digital future with the power of our Adtech.  

We help you to… 

  1. get brand awareness and presence in the mind by Video Impact, App first, Cover formats… 
  2. maintain brand visibility by RON display and DMP targeting… 
  3. work on image and brand preferences by contextual targeting and section sponsorship… 
  4. transform by generating online and in-store traffic through call-to-action, add-to-calendar, sms-campaign… 

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