6 x a year
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65,000 *
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€ 13,900
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With this concept, GEO EPOCHE is unique in the history magazine market, and extremely successful. Because readers appreciate this way of editorial reporting very much. GEO EPOCHE is GEO's history magazine and appears six times a year. Each issue is dedicated to a historical topic - epochs such as the Middle Ages, states such as Prussia, world religions such as Judaism.

History dazzling and gripping ...

... without dust, footnotes and columns of figures. Stories are told about important people and dramatic events, about everyday life and culture, politics, society and science. In precise historical reconstructions as well as opulent picture essays and expert interviews, with maps and information boxes, the respective epoch is brought to life and, above all, its everyday life is retold in a sensual way.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)