4 issues a year
Paid circulation
38,000 *
Basic Rate 2023
€ 13,300
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GEO KOMPAKT is the single-topic magazine from GEO. It addresses all major sectors of general knowledge, helping the reader, issue by issue, to build up his own personal reference library.

It provides the answers to all those questions that we would like answers to. In understandable, short articles, the editors familiarise the reader with the many topics that have become a part of everyday knowledge.

The best way to enhance one’s general knowledge. GEO KOMPAKT employs easily readable articles and illustrations, and clear photography.

Renowned GEO editorial quality. GEO KOMPAKT features the familiar strengths that have made GEO magazine one of the world’s most respected publications: a clean optical language, unmatched quality, brilliant photography.

Extensive glossary explains each term used in the preceding articles. GEO KOMPAKT can be easily used a ready reference work.

Fascinating range of subjects. Every issue covers an important topic of general education – in an allembracing and comprehensible way. Excellent photographies and complex illustrations match the articles.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)