6 x a year
Paid circulation
35,000 *
296,148 **
Basic Rate 2024
€ 11,100
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  2. ** KMM 2023


GEOlino EXTRA is the monothematic knowledge magazine for young explorers from the age of 9. 

While GEOLINO is very broad in terms of topic content, GEOLINO EXTRA deals with only one topic from the fields of mankind, nature and technology in each issue. Issues have already appeared on the Ice Age or the weather, inventions, deserts, energy or love. These topics are explored in all conceivable facets on 72 pages - an absolutely unique feature in the field of children's magazines. The journalistic forms of presentation range from photo reports and explanatory pieces to interviews, info boxes and comic strips, thematic games and handicrafts. GEOLINO EXTRA explains complex issues in a way that is appropriate for children and leaves no questions unanswered.

GEOLINO EXTRA has its very own success story. It is the basis for radio play formats and has won awards: the editorial team was awarded the Lammsbräu Sustainability Prize for the issue "How we save the world", for having succeeded in "sensitising children in an extraordinary way"!

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)