New Study on Purpose Marketing

More and more companies are using purpose marketing to take a stand on social issues. This is going down well with consumers, as a basic study by the Ad Alliance in cooperation with annalect, the specialists for data-driven marketing at Omnicom Media Group Germany, shows.

Successful brand communication for purpose themes has a positive effect on the likeability and appeal of a consumer brand. Environmentally friendly packaging, instructions for sustainable action and durable products are just three areas that the respondents perceive brands to actively promote purpose. In reverse, the study participants are willing to buy the product if they know that the company/brand represents the same values as they do. Within the study, a positive impact on the willingness to buy of up to 14 percent was identified and consumers feel good when they use brands that are sustainable or serve a purpose. It is advantageous if brands consistently focus on Purpose across various touchpoints and thus underpin their credibility for this topic.

Themes such as sustainability & climate protection and diversity & tolerance are particularly in the focus of brand communication. These topics occupy a very high place among respondents. 68 percent state that careful use of resources is important. 65 percent say that tolerance or non-discrimination based on sexual orientation is important to them.

Within their scope of action, respondents are generally willing to take small steps toward sustainability, for example, to shop or live more sustainably. However, they are not willing to completely turn their consumption behavior upside down or to incur significant additional costs. Especially when it comes to climate protection, they reach their limits and feel helpless. Rather, the government and economy are primarily responsible for them, addressing the desire for solutions and measures in this direction in order to make a difference in terms of sustainability.  

Within the study, eight points emerged that are important for positive and successful brand communication in the area of Purpose Marketing (klick on chart above).

Study design:

The study consists of a three-stage study design with qualitative and quantitative methods: Stage 1: online community (n=21) + qualitative individual interviews (n=6); Stage 2: six focus groups (n= 6 per group) and stage 3: an online survey (n=150 per advertising medium (14 static advertising medium) and was carried out from October to December 2021.