From Beauty to Well-being

The German Ad Alliance has published special digital options for brands in Q1. Check out sponsoring options on Coronation Day with GALA, the Glow Week, and all about Social Live Shopping.

ROYAL SPONSORING with GALA - the world will be watching

Will the "Spare" attend the coronation of his father admist all the turmoil his recent relevations have caused? We won't probably not know it until the very same day (May 6th, 2023), but what we do is that the world will be watching the coronation.

GALA Germany offers an exclusive cross-channel 360 degree sponsoring option - covering the royal highlight not only on TV (category sponsoring), but also with packages for social, podcast, digital and print. 



Does it have to be higher, faster, more beautiful? Continous self-optimization can be very stressful and failed goals may lead to frustration.

BRIGITTE encourages women to listen to themselves to find their individual sustainable goals for a happier life. Want your brand to join BRIGITTE's mission? The Feel-Glow-Week on this February might be for you!



Ever tried it? Two editor present your product live on Insta and react to the user's comments. The corresponding pieces are displayed in product tiles in the video and are directly linked to your store.

Not only can you see the live impact of the campaign, but also learn from the users comments and questions about your product.

Options for pre-shopping and post-shopping elements are available, native advertorial may run for up to 4 weeks - depending on budget and product.


For further info, have a look at the brief presentation or contact us without hesitation.