VGN – positive circulation trend

Our partner Verlagsgruppe News (VGN) is a crucial publisher for any communication in Austria. The portfolio includes a wide range from general to special interest media as well as women and men.

That’s why every third person in Austria reads one of the VGN media, as well as every 2nd decision-maker. The VGN media products are long established brands, however strengths need to be renewed and boosted regularly. VGN has invested into their media brands editorially and graphically and success proves our partner is right: Circulation in the 1st half of 2015 has clearly increased for most of the media.

AUTOREVUE, for instance, was able to record an increase of 5.1 percent, GUSTO a plus of 4.4. percent, LEBEN's circulation rose by 12 percent, PROFIL and E-MEDIA by 1.1. percent and  1.2 percent respectively, and WOMAN's paid circulation was able to grow by 2.6 percent.

This means a clearly positive development of VGN titles against the overall market trend of declining circulations!