One Spot - maximum xMedia video reach

The new xMedia Spot combines the entire German Ad Alliance video inventory in ATV, In-Stream & Out-Stream with just one booking. Advertisers benefit from the maximum cross-media reach across all devices. This is the next step of the Ad Alliance in the CrossOver Evolution. The xMedia spot can be played on the big screen on ATV, CTV as well as desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The Ad Alliance was able to implement one of the first xMedia spot cases with the Federal Association of German Cooperative banks and Raiffeisen banks (“Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken”). In Mid-April, the Association launched a three-month xMedia spot campaign with a 20-second spot, which is placed with a focus on ATV in the defined campaign target groups. The media agency in charge is Mindshare.

With the xMedia Spot, different spot lengths can be selected, whereby advertisers can book either ATV, In-Stream or Out-Stream as the focus category. The offer not only bundles video inventory but at the same time reduces the complexity of booking and processing, because advertising media control, campaign optimisation and reporting function across all genres. Advertising partners benefit from the advantages of all genres and thus increase awareness for the target group.

"The signals from advertisers are clear," says Isabella Thissen, COO of Ad Alliance. "They demand the perfect advertising impact for their brand(s) and want cross-genre metrics. With CrossOver Evolution, we are taking exactly this step. We rely on the interplay of content, data and state-of-the-art technology. With the xMedia Spot campaign, we are underpinning our own claim to innovation."

"ATV, CTV and video plays across desktop, tablet and smartphone have been an important complement to traditional TV advertising for some time. We are pleased that these can now also be booked and controlled across the board and are looking forward to the results," adds Stephan Kelm, responsible for the digital media planning of the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken brand at the Federal Association of German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken.

Thamara Epailly, Client Service Director at Mindshare, adds: "With the xMedia product, the Ad Alliance offers us as an agency a customised solution to control campaigns cross-medially and with high reach. The combination of ATV and digital, combined with the targeting options available, is essential for a successful campaign. We are happy to be able to use this innovative product in the current brand campaign".

Under the name "CrossOver Evolution", Ad Alliance launched a large and long-term innovation offensive of cross-channel, convergent marketing divided into three areas: Products (e.g. xMedia Spot), Automation (e.g. justTV) and Performance and Impact Proofs (e.g. CrossContact & CrossImpact). The three areas provide the framework for a variety of initiatives and products with different focus.

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Source: Next Step of CrossOver Evolution Ad Alliance Germany