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FRANCE (CW 26) The Corona crisis shook up and changed everyday life to a way nobody would have imagined it. The impact on the tourism sector was tremendous: According to the new study of Prisma Media Solutions 67% of the French say that their travel behaviour will change in the future. READ MORE

GERMANY (CW 19) A new study “The future after Corona” by the Ad Alliance takes a close look at the impact of the pandemic on current and future consumer behavior. It also examines what remains of the "new normality" after Corona and how people look into the future. READ MORE

UK (CW 18) THE GUARDIAN has had record growth in donations and digital subscriptions following the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. In keeping with this, the quality daily was found to be doing the best job in covering coronavirus out of all print/digital news media in the UK by a Reuters Institute survey. MORE INFORMATION and LINK TO PUBLISHER

SWITZERLAND (CW 16) The website of NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG - - has reached 8.8 million UU in March, making it the highest-reach news site in German-speaking Switzerland. The number of visits rose to 46 million - an increase of 118 percentage points compared to January 2020! READ MORE

THE NETHERLANDS (CW15) Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Dutch news media and NRC in particular have reached considerably more readers. NRC grew by 81% to 2.491.000 readers! Also the reading time increased by 136%. Furthermore, the number of new NRC subscribers has even tripled. LEARN MORE. For additional insights on the current consumer behavior in the NL and its implications for brand managers and advertisers, we recommend the KANTAR COVID-19 Barometer.

GERMANY (CW 15) The COVID-19 crisis has a drastic impact on the lives of everyone. How exactly has the media usage changed during the pandemic in Germany? What are the main activities? How do people assess the future? These and further questions have been checked in a new b4p-trends study. LEARN MORE

Spain (CW 17) The ECONOMÍA DIGITAL portal breaks its historical audience record with more than 5 million readers, while GRUPO ED itself reaches 11.5 million users in Spain.  READ MORE

AUSTRIA (CW 17) How can we understand and solve complex problems together and learn something from the current situation? VGN has asked some of its editors-in-chief: “Which (positive) impacts will Corona have on our life?” SHORT AND INSPIRING ANSWERS

United Kingdom (CW 16) Behavioral scientist and author, Richard Shotton, explains why life-changing events - such as getting married, starting work life or the time we are living in now - do change customers' purchasing habits – and why brands should avoid being left behind. READ MORE

GERMANY (CW15) The currently undertaken readership survey of the acknowleged agma (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media Analyse) shows a significant increase in the usage of print media, since its field launch on March 8th. According to the interim evaluation magazines have grown in reach by 25% - compared to the previous study (ma 2020 Pressemedien I). Monthly titles have increased their reach by 32%, fortnightlies by 24% and weeklies by 23%. LEARN MORE

SWITZERLAND (CW 15) NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG gains 11,000 readers (total 239,000) and thus shows the strongest growth in the segment of the German-speaking daily press in Switzerland. In fact, all print titles and online channels of the NZZ Media Group have recorded positive growth. (Source: MACH Basic 2020-1 and Total Audience 2020-1 compared to 2019-2) READ MORE

BELGIUM (CW 14) The need for information is reflected by an increased traffic to news sites: the news sites of ROULARTA MEDIA have shown a 100% increase in visitor numbers since the beginning of the Crisis on March 12th.  The women sites (such as LIBELLE, LIBELLE LEKKER, FEELING and FLAIR) also show remarkable increases of 35 to 50 % compared to last year’s figures. READ MORE
Source: Publisher’s information

THE NETHERLANDS (CW 14) Listening instead of reading: 1 million people have visited the website of BNR NIEUWSRADIO in March. Figures measured by the Radio Advies Bureau show that the online streaming of radio channels is increasing around 16 % in the Netherlands. Transforming to a “homeoffice”-channel, informing about economic issues and advices what to do in quarantine, BNR NIEUWSRADIO even increased its online users by more than 80 %. READ MORE
Source: Publisher’s information

WORLDWIDE (CW 14) What impact does the pandemic have on the digital sector? A recent DMEXCO Trend Survey of more than 800 digital decision-makers shows that despite the economic suffering of  many companies, the digital economy might actually benefit following the end of the pandemic. According to the assessment, the COVID-19 crisis will accelerate the pace of the digital transformation. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

BELGIUM (CW 14) Subscription sales of news brands have increased by more than 200% from February to March! DE STANDAARD has noted the highest increase of all. By March 25th digital reach already has shown  44% more unique visitors compared to February. Also the apps have increased by 35%. As press shops remain open, the loose sales of newspapers have increased by about 15%. Source: Publisher’s information. READ MORE (PDF download)

GERMANY (CW 14) Due to a Corona-enhanced news demand, the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG increased its digital accesses by 80% to 120 mill. visits in March. With a copy price reduction from 2.95 Euro to 1 Euro per month, the paid service for the digital offer “F+” has gained over 10,000 new subscribers within one week. READ MORE

FRANCE (CW 14) The sites of LE FIGARO have recorded absolute audience records since the outbreak of the health crisis, attesting the strength of the brand. 72.1 million visits last week, an all-time attendance record. A figure twice as high as a usual week, and far above previous peaks. A historic record was also noted on the health section with 3.5 mill. visits in one week. APPs were taking off as well: 38,000 new instalments within the last week.

GERMANY (CW 14) In the month of April Gruner + Jahr offers its magazines in digital format free of charge - in order to support the initiative #DeutschlandBleibtZuhause (Germany stays at home). READ MORE

AUSTRIA (CW 14) Quality media in demand: key figures have more than doubled at Last week, readers spent more than 1.74 million hours on our site, with 15.6 million visits! LEARN MORE

THE NETHERLANDS (CW 13) The need for reliable news brands is particularly high, especially in these times: in calendar week 12, 2.5 mill. unique users visited, which means an increase of 81%*. In the target group AB1, unique visitors have increased by 91%* to 1.4 million and page views by 86%* to 8.6 million! LEARN MORE
*Growth in week 12 compared to the weekly average before the onset of the crisis

FRANCE (CW 13) In calendar week 12, the brands of Prisma Media Solutions noted a significant increase: PI increased by 35%* compared to CW 11! Moreover, according to a new study* about ¾ of French consumers now expect brands to talk about the usefulness of the brand in the NEW daily life, to inform about efforts to deal with the situation and all this in a reassuring tone. LEARN MORE
*Google Analytics **Kantar March 2020

UK (CW 13) On Friday 27th March, The GUARDIAN noted record-breaking numbers: 26.8 mill. UU, 80.4 mill. page views – the second biggest day for uniques ever, and sixth biggest for page views. More unique browsers came to the GUARDIAN than the day Boris Johnson announced the nationwide lockdown. It was second only to the massive Monday when The Guardian reached 800,000 more. (Publisher’s Information)

GERMANY (CW 13) The companies of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance in Germany - Gruner + Jahr, RTL and others - collectively support the fight against Corona. Across all media genres, they are providing information about the latest developments and also focusing on service topics and actions that are being taken as well as tips for improving the current situation. READ MORE

GERMANY (CW 13) Germans are increasingly turning to well-established journalistic brands in the corona crisis. The high demand for information and more time at home are not only increasing digital media use, but also that of magazines. This week, G+J has recorded a growing interest among its brands in news-, knowledge - and people-magazines. At the same time, many new customers are starting subscriptions. READ MORE

FRANCE (CW 13) From March 27 until 30 April 2020, Prisma Media Solutions will make 30% of its digital assets available free of charge to associations of sectors actively fighting the coronavirus pandemic. LEARN MORE

EUROPE (CW 13) Media consumption has risen during the corona crises - visit numbers and digital subscriptions increased, irrespective of whether C-19 content is in-front or behind paywalls. While digital is experiencing unprecedented growth, print is conversely not seeing a like fall in circulation. READ MORE

WORLDWIDE (CW 13) BBC Global News, the BBC’s international news, sport and features division, is freeing 20% of its advertising inventory for use by international health organisations wanting to promote messages around Covid-19. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

SPAIN (CW 13) Zinet has decided to encourage everyone to stay at home by giving free access to its magazines. You can access Zinet magazines HERE.

SPAIN (CW 13) Zinet Media is giving a big round of applause to everyone working in the distribution or sales of magazines. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE

GERMANY (CW 13) To help the WHO and its partners to fight COVID-19, Territory Influence will donate 50% of the agency profits from influencer campaigns to the international Solidarity Response Fund. This applies for influencer campaigns booked as of today and starting between April and June 2020. LEARN MORE

GERMANY (CW 13) In response to the increased demand for information, TVNOW is now making livestreams available to everyone free of charge until end of June. LEARN MORE

GERMANY (CW 13) With its campaign #vereint (“united”), Germany’s leading football magazine KICKER gathers support through crowdfunding. Half of the funds will go to a Corona Fund of the German Red Cross (DRK). The remaining half will go to small social projects by grassroots sports clubs for long-term support. To kick off the charity campaign, publisher Olympia-Verlag donates 10,000 euro to the project. READ THE FULL ARTICLE and LEARN MORE

FRANCE (CW 13) For an extra dose of daily happiness, Prisma Media Solutions started its iniative “Happy Coach”. Every day at 8.30 a.m., PMS shares positive news, an article, a video or an idea of its brands on social media. LEARN MORE