BRIGITTE Relaunch is well received by readers

Since the end of March, BRIGITTE Print and Digital have been relaunched – both, visually and in terms of content. A quantitative online copy test on the first relaunch issue shows that the changes to the magazine have been very positively received by the readership.

  • 86% of the respondents like the relaunch issue better or just as much as previous issues.
  • The cover of the relaunch issue seems more eye-catching, more uniquely modern and more appealing to the respondents.
  • The magazine seems fresher (72%) and more modern (66%), but the new content is also well received.

Many of the new magazine formats achieve top usage and rating values.

  • "A woman and her world" and the new column by Anja Rützel, for example, are among the five most used magazine articles. Formats such as "Team Talk" and "Kosmos" are rated well and generate authenticity as well as closeness to the editorial team.
  • The socially relevant topics in the "Current Affairs" section - interview "Ukraine", dossier "New Openness", report "The Big Eat" - are among the top six contributions. All with scores above 90 %.
  • BRIGITTE is seen as supportive, at eye level and mood-lifting.

BRIGITTE Online-Copytest 8/2022, April 2022, n=198 BRIGITTE readers


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