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ELTERN readers look forward to their new roles as mothers and fathers. They want the best for their baby – and the best for themselves as a family. They want ideas and suggestions for ensuring a happy family life, advice for dealing with difficult situations, and emotional support for the most exciting time of their life. Becoming parents is exhausting - but it's totally worth it and simply wonderful!
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When a couple becomes a family, everything changes! Having a baby turns your life upside down. Initial joy and euphoria are accompanied by questions such as: How will having a baby change our lives? How will we manage a child, job, love and household? What is good for our baby? And what is good for us?

ELTERN supports young parents and accompanies them, encourages them and builds them up: It's totally fine if everything doesn't go perfectly, but we believe in you and you can do it. Becoming parents is exhausting - but it's totally worth it and simply wonderful!

Trust in the mother's instinct

ELTERN stands for more self-confidence, more intuition. ELTERN wants mothers to enjoy the exciting time from pregnancy to early childhood instead of driving themselves crazy. It is the maternal instincts and one's own gut feeling that count. Women can rely on it and ELTERN supports them: emotionally at eye level, humorous, competent, but also entertaining, because life is already exhausting enough.


From pregnancy to birth to everyday family life. The ELTERN brand impresses with diversification and offers detailed information as well as practical value for the readers - in every phase of life. In addition to ELTERN, ELTERN FAMILY, the ELTERN SPECIALS and the ELTERN EXTRA series provide inspiration and answers.

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