Christmas Offers 2021

Be the first, to profit from our creative advertising ideas in the end-of-year-rallye. We have gathered some wonderful advertising offers for you!

Our publishers have come up with numerous ideas. Here are some of them. You may…

  • … present your products as an ideal Christmas gift via promoted content or be part of a native-wishlist or even become a gift-guide sponsor.
  • … promote your food brand and have a tasty recipe video created!
  • … sponsor the famous Spotify-Xmas-playlist
  • … benefit from our customised programmatic offers
  • … get a 50% off-special print offer!

Whether you advertise in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany or the UK – you will find something in the gift bag.

Contact your local sales person today to find out more!

And here is our collection of editorial Christmas topics throughout Europe.

X-MAS Editorial topics 2021