Congrats to THE GUARDIAN

Today marks the 200th birthday of THE GUARDIAN – a publisher we proudly represent. THE GUARDIAN is one of the most prestigious global news brands – reaching 106 million people worldwide and 27.2 million in the UK.

THE GUARDIAN is the most trusted media in the UK. Its mission is to have a meaningful impact on the world we live in: it stands for women’s rights, for climate change and equality. THE GUARDIAN readers are educated, progressive and influential.

Today, THE GUARDIAN is much more than just print: 13 million people worldwide listen to its podcast. Its documentaries are outstanding, one even nominated for an Oscar. And unlike many others, its broad digital offers have no paywalls as THE GUARDIAN believes in “information equality, where everyone deserves to read accurate news and thoughtful analysis.”

Cheers to you, dear GUARDIAN! To many happy returns!

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Want to hear more about the GUARDIAN’s incredible journey? Watch this amazing anniversary video.

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