NEW: BIENVENUE – Real estate & Interior magazine

Prisma Media, M6 and Stéphane Plaza launch BIENVENUE CHEZ VOUS by Stéphane Plaza. Published and marketed by Prisma Media, this new magazine offers an original approach combining real estate expertise, decoration coaching and inspiration.

Embodied by one of France's favourite personalities, BIENVENUE CHEZ VOUS by Stéphane Plaza covers all the topics needed to feel good at home:

– Making a success of real estate projects (buying, selling, renting, enhancing the value of the property...)

– Providing ideas for decorating to please oneself (home staging, tips, interior design and work, good addresses, etc.)

– Delivering practical and concrete advice (Q&A, factsheets, testimonials, etc.)

With an editorial promise that is resolutely close, benevolent and expert, just like Stéphane Plaza, this new magazine is aimed at all those who have life projects, a desire for change and who take pleasure in furnishing and decorating their home.

BIENVENUE CHEZ VOUS is published every two months with a print run 175,000 copies. It benefits from an exceptional launch supported by a massive communication plan - press, posters, digital and TV on the M6 group channels in particular.

N°1 Publication 8 April 2021

132 pages - Introductory price 3,95€

N°2 - Publication 20 May - Closing date 27 April 2021

N°3 - Publication July 1st - Closing June 1st, 2021

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