Sustainability topics for you

At present, the pandemic is still in the spotlight, but at the same time there is a growing awareness of the serious long-term threat – the climate change. It is therefore not surprising that sustainability is increasingly a topic in the media.

More and more consumers are asking themselves to what extent they can make a difference through their own actions. This desire of consumers to be part of the solution is also being met by the media, which are gradually publishing more green content, e.g. sustainability in fashion, food, beauty products, environmentally friendly travel and mobility.

The media we represent - whether it’s published in Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, … they all are increasingly taking up green topics. On World Environment Day (June 5), many are once again publishing "green" special editions, for example the Italian newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA or the Belgian PARIS MATCH BELGIQUE.

Green editorial environment

THE GUARDIAN has been at the forefront of the climate crisis and sustainability, changing the wording from climate change to climate crisis in 2019. It is the first national newspaper not to accept advertising from fossil fuel companies and also operates in one of the most sustainable buildings in London.

Sustainability is also more visible in women's magazines these days. The French GALA now has a fixed "Clean Beauty" column, other magazines publish green specials throughout the year such as the Austrian WOMAN with WOMAN GREEN or the Spanish MARIE CLAIRE.

An overview of planned sustainability topics in our media.

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