6 issues a year
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35,000 *
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€ 14,000
Target Group
BUSINESS PUNK is made for digital natives aged 18 to 35 who are employed and enjoy an above-average education. They have a high net monthly household income and belong to the creative elite of an urban, cosmopolitan generation.
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BUSINESS PUNK is the business and lifestyle magazine for anyone who wants to be influential. The magazine is all about the raucous, fast-paced life behind the world of business. It provides portraits of unconventional thinkers and business rebels, and reports on ideas, innovations and trends. BUSINESS PUNK combines the big success stories of a young generation of entrepreneurs with the pop culture of the digital age in order to appeal to young readers who are at home online and are hungry for life experiences and success.

BUSINESS PUNK digital combines the best business, lifestyle and online trends – both on the site itself and on its popular, high-coverage social media channels. BUSINESS-PUNK.com shares, posts and likes anything that it finds interesting. It discovers trends and brings them to the attention of young professionals. Career-focused movers and shakers can find inspirations, tips and tools to help them rapidly rise to the top.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)