Print circulation
38,793 *
440,000 **
Basic Rate 2024
€ 48,290
Target Group
The target audience includes men and women ages 25-54. It includes middle and upper class professionals. They are interested in stay up to date with national and international news.
Business & News
  1. * Publisher's Information Ø 3/2021-2/2022
  2. ** EGM 2022


EL MUNDO is the second largest national newspaper in Spain, and continues to enjoy strong growth in both circulation and readership. The newspaper has an exceptionally attractive reader profile and delivers strong coverage across all of the regions in Spain.

Founded in 1989, EL MUNDO is published every day with 20 regional editions and has consolidated a strong and well respected position amongst Spanish national newspapers. EL MUNDO achieved unrivalled success throughout the 1990's by increasing its circulation year on year by over 25 %, the highest recorded circulation growth of any nationally circulated journal. 

The readers benefit from the excellent editorial information covering regional, national & international issues and the additional weekly supplements: EL CULTURAL, an art and culture magazine, Su Vivienda, a comprehensive homes guide for Madrid and Toledo, La Luna de Metropoli, the recently merged unique leisure, lifestyle & fashion guide to Madrid, YO DONA, the female supplement, Magazine, a weekend guide, Viajes, providing essential travel information, Ariadna, covering IT & Technology, Motor, practical information and news from the automotive world and Nueva Economica, providing the latest information about business & finance issues.

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