Paid circulation
101,289 *
1,010,000 **
Basic Rate 2020
€ 35,300
Target Group
ELTERN readers look forward to their new roles as mothers and fathers. They want the best for their baby – and the best for themselves as a family. They want ideas and suggestions for ensuring a happy family life, advice for dealing with difficult situations, and emotional support for the most exciting time of their life. And more and more tips on how to best balance the needs of the three or four people involved.
  1. * IVW 3/20
  2. ** AWA 2020


Germany's most widely-read parent's magazine. ELTERN is the highest coverage title for pregnant women and parents of children aged up to four.

What parents need to know. From pregnancy to children aged up to four, ELTERN informs and advises its readers in all aspects of family life.

Editorial topics of vital interest to parents. ELTERN covers a wide range of topics, such as conception, sexuality, pregnancy, birth, finance, health and nutrition, job, skin-care and holiday.

The magazine for young parents.

Trusted editorial credibility. The ELTERN editorial team knows what it's writing about: they are mothers and fathers themselves with first-hand experience that they are glad to share.

Attractive ad combination for reaching young women. The “Familien Paket” ad combination in ELTERN and ELTERN FAMILY is unbeaten in reaching young parents.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Asia, Germany (Internat. Media only)