Print circulation
11,965 *
117,000 **
Basic Rate 2023
€ 18,270
Target Group
Target audience includes higher education and high income professionals interested in Spain's economy and business news.
Business & News
  1. * OJD Ø 3/2020-3/2021
  2. ** EGM 2022


EXPANSION is published by Unidad Editorial and its sister title is Actualidad Económica, Spain's leading business magazine.

EXPANSION offers their readers quality content regarding the latest trends in business, finance, arts, culture, and sports. Along with their daily publication, they include many supplements relating to leisure, lifestyle, sports, culture, and technology.

EXPANSION is used to keep their readers up to date with daily stories and articles related to Spain's local and international news. They provide top quaility reports that allow the readers a one stop place to access news and information.

Media Represented

in Ireland, United Kingdom