Paid circulation
40,122 *
448,795 **
Basic Rate 2023
€ 20,600
Target Group
48% of GEO SAISON readers have taken several holiday trips in the past 12 months (Index 185). • 48% undertook private air travel in the past 12 months (Index 163). • 51% are considered experts for holidays and travel (Index 175). • 76% indicate that they are prepared to spend quite a bit of money for their holidays and travel (Index 145). Source: AWA 2017.
  1. * IVW 4/2022
  2. ** ma 2023/I


GEO SAISON is the market leader. It has the highest circulation and highest coverage of all multi thematic travel magazines in Germany.

GEO SAISON is the travel magazine from GEO. It reports on travel destinations at home and around the world – with respected GEO journalistic quality.

GEO SAISON presents the fascination of travel. It combines the joy of travelling with the pleasure of reading.

GEO SAISON readers are frequent travellers. They take annual holiday trips twice as often as the average German.

GEO SAISON readers are world travellers. They take twice as many long-haul holiday trips as the average German adult.

GEO SAISON is a proven response medium. The Reader Service and Brochure Service put the advertiser in direct contact with interested readers.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)