13 x a year
Paid circulation
51,192 *
369,235 **
Basic Rate 2024
€ 9,600
  1. * IVW 4/2023
  2. ** KMM 2023


The world for young explorers from the age of 5. Outstanding photos and illustrations, layouts with great attention to detail, easy-to-understand yet entertaining texts - GEOLINO MINI is unmistakably a child of GEOLINO.

With a comparable range of topics, the participatory magazine is aimed at five-year-olds and up who are taking their first steps as readers. To make sure they are not alone, the editors have come up with Georg, the grasshopper. Georg takes the little readers by his many hands and guides them through the magazine. He is always on hand when something needs explaining. The readers - and their parents who read along - will also find a lot to do and try out in GEOLINO MINI: Game instructions, puzzle pages, craft sheets and even a recipe for astronaut food.

In no time at all, GEOLINO MINI has established itself as a permanent fixture in the preschool and primary school magazine segment. Ideal concept for pre-school children and school beginners: GEOLINO MINI is the high-quality hands-on magazine for reading aloud, reading for oneself and discovering. Great image and appeal: GEOLINO MINI meets the high standards of GEO in its presentation of topics. This guarantees a great deal of trust and sympathy among parents and children.

Early brand loyalty: The high level of engagement of parents and children as well as the first brand experiences provide the best basis for early brand loyalty.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)