6 issues a year
Paid circulation
47,424 *
645,521 **
Basic Rate 2023
€ 19,100
Target Group
HIRSCHHAUSENS GESUND LEBEN is made for women and men aged from 35 to around 60 and sees itself as a motivated and true-of-life coach for the physical and mental health.
Healthy Lifestyle
  1. * IVW Ø 3/2021-2/2022
  2. ** AWA 2022


HIRSCHHAUSENS GESUND LEBEN is the magazine for people who take an active interest in their physical and mental health - and in the well-being of their partners and children as well. They are persons who want to enjoy life and are also aware that their healthy lifestyle can prevent sickness and support the healing process. They are looking for independent, expert and real-life advice, and an empathetic journalistic style with which they can personally identify.

HIRSCHHAUSENS GESUND LEBEN sees itself as a motivated coach and pilot through the jungle of health care. Every issue is devoted to a single major topic and looks at all the aspects of body, spirit and soul. Extensive dossiers set a thematic counterpoint and are a major part of the editorial concept, backed up by editorially produced loose inserts.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)