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33,122 *
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€ 15,400
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Young, active, wealthy, educated and urban readers, who believe in qualitative, exigent and ethic consumption.
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  2. ** ACPM ONE NEXT 2023/S1


For 120 years, the magazine NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has made the general public discover expeditions and researches financed by the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Society, a Non-Profit-Entity. A growing awareness of the world around us. Every month, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC leads its readers towards unique adventures with a range of topics from archaeology and ancient civilizations to wonders of nature, flowers, animals and also ethnography. The motors of the magazine are the reporter’s passion and enthusiasm. A magazine which combines excellence and ethics NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC gives voice to internationally reputed experts (photographers, reporters, scientists...). It constantly searches the truth by giving the readers impartial news and all the necessary hindsight so that they can form their own opinions.

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