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5,900,000 *
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4,670,000 *
1,210,000 **
Target Group
NEON.de mobile reaches 1.18 million unique users every month. 55% of NEON.de mobile users are female. 50% of the target group are aged between 20 and 39 years. NEON.de mobile users boast an above-average level of education: 59% have A-Levels or a university degree. 70% of users boast net household income of €2,000 or more, and 45% of users have an income of over €3,000 per month. Source: agof digital facts 2019–10 // Base: average month
Young Adults
Main advertisers
  • automotive
  • fashion
  • tourism/travel
  • beauty/cosmetics
  • services
  • corporate
  • consumer electronics
  1. * Google Analytics 2019-07
  2. ** agof daily digital facts 2019-11


NEON.de is the user-generated-content portal for young adults in the Internet. Like the print magazine, NEON.de also covers all the topics that interest the "NEON generation", i.e. well-educated men and women aged 20 to 35.

It looks at pop music, but also at politics, university, jobs, their first salary, their first car, their first thoughts about pensions, and their grief at losing their second great love.

On NEON.de users can get in touch with NEON's journalists and all its authors; it offers in-depth treatment of topics from the print title which it expands and supplements with authentic reports about users' experiences.

Media Represented

worldwide except in Germany (Internat. Media only)