6 x a year
Distributed circulation
69,928 *
228,000 **
Basic Rate 2024
CHF 23,400
Target Group
Readers with higher education, high purchasing power and a wide range of interests
Lifestyle & Fashion
  1. * WEMF 2023
  2. ** MACH Basic 2023 1


NZZ FOLIO reaches an open-minded, well educated, quality-conscious target group with above-average purchasing power.
As a supplement of the NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG the magazine is also read by decision-makers. Compared with the NZZ, NZZ FOLIO also reaches more women and younger people.
NZZ FOLIO contains much more than just the day’s news, and will also be referred to and read weeks and months after their initial appearance. Their long lifespan means that advertisements will be presented to readers many times over.

Overview of topics
The experiment – Crazy, original and memorable
experiments from every area of science.
Who lives there? – A psychologist and an interior designer
use photos to speculate about who lives in a flat.
The interview – people who have something to say.
Best Practice/Worst Case – authors examine a current
topic either with praise - or otherwise.
Suisse Miniature – An affectionate look at
the uniqueness of Switzerland.
What are you waiting for? – NZZ foreign correspondents’
personal views of a foreign country.
Entertainment – one page with three small columns.

Media Represented

in Austria and South Tyrol, Belgium, Germany (Internat. Media only), Italy (excl. South Tyrol), Luxembourg, Netherlands