Paid circulation
109,866 *
340,000 **
Basic Rate 2020
€ 17,170
Target Group
Women aged 20 to 49 years. Sociodemographic status ABC1.
Women (general)
Main advertisers
  • fashion
  • beauty/cosmetics
  • home appliances
  • leisure/entertainment
  • furniture/home decor
  1. * ÖAK 2019 January-June
  2. ** MA Austria 2018/2019


WOMAN is Austria's big women's and media brand. The magazine has been published since 2001 and offers everything that women love - the latest trends in fashion and beauty, exciting reports and lots of tips and inspiration for health, nutrition, fitness and leisure.

• Number 1 consumer magazine for women
• Top subscriber ratio among women’s
magazines at 49.5%
• Intensive reader use per issue: 3.0 times in the
target audience

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