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Unique User
756,829 *
Target Group
• Multi-faceted, urban women with above average incomes and purchasing power (Levels 1+2) • Above-average interest in: Fashion, grooming, The Scene, living, garden, computers/internet, careers, world of work, travel, wellness, fitness …
Women (general)
  1. * ÖWA 2021-12


WOMAN.at - Austria's most modern and innovative portal for women. As a perfect blend of a portal and lifestyle blog, it offers inspiring and entertaining content, it surprises, entertains and informs. With topics from fashion to beauty, women's politics to health, love to web trends, it covers all areas of life of the female millenials.

The performance figures mentioned above are valid for the whole digital offer of WOMAN.at. 

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in Germany (Internat. Media only), India, Italy (excl. South Tyrol), United Kingdom