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The renaissance of the brand

The majority of Germans are more concerned with quality than with price in their purchasing decisions. This is true for the first time since 1995.


Twofold Success for G+J Media NL

At the award ceremony of the Mercur Awards last Wednesday in Amsterdam, the Dutch G+J subsidiary was able to rejoice twice over:...


Successful Start for BRIGITTE WIR

The first issue of BRIGITTE WIR was well received in the reader market: Over 65,000 copies of the magazine for open-minded, worldly-wise women were...


G+J launches BEEF! in Spain

After the successful launch in Germany and France the food magazine for men is now also published in Spain. G+J Spain is an established market player...

VGN – positive circulation trend

Our partner Verlagsgruppe News (VGN) is a crucial publisher for any communication in Austria. The portfolio includes a wide range from general to...