Travel behavior after the crisis

The Corona crisis has changed people’s relationship to time and brought them back to basics. The tourism sector has been one of the most impacted by this crisis. The Prisma Media Solution (PMS) marketing team has recently asked more than 1,000 French about their travel plans.

The survey shows that profound changes in travellers' behaviour are to be expected: 67% say that their travel behaviour will change in the future. They plan to travel to destinations close to home (26%), aspire to a more eco-responsible behaviour (20%) or wish to visit less frequented tourist areas (15%)*.

The signals observed in this PMS Travel Observatory are confirmed by underlying trends that will continue - tourism becomes more responsible, local and authentic and on the other hand more extreme, supportive and inclusive.

In addition, the new mobility issues linked to the pandemic put mobility at the heart of travellers' problems. It is time to pave the way for multi-modality or eco-mobility to simplify transport during a trip.

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*Prisma Media Panel Study - April 30 to May 11 - 1058 respondents