Update: Travel Research


An entire industry is experiencing a fresh start after two years of restricted travel. Where do Germans go during their vacation periods? Which countries are at the top of their bucket lists? Let’s have a look at the key findings of the annual travel analysis. One thing is for sure: Germans remain keen on traveling.

#1 Traveling in the past

After the decline in 2020, the number of trips visibly increased again in the second pandemic year (holiday trips: +8%, short trips: +19%). The holiday feeling and satisfaction with the holiday are once again extremely positive despite Covid.

#2 Where to go next? 

German travelers are often creatures of habits: According to a special survey conducted by Ad Alliance and RTL data, holiday destinations have not shifted a lot despite Covid. Asked about planned travel destinations for the next 12 months, Germany is by far on the top of the list (45%), followed by Switzerland/Austria (14%), Italy (12%) and Benelux (12%). 

However, looking at a planning horizon of 12 months and respondents who have at least uncertain travel intentions for this period, interest in many other destinations in Europe is higher than Germany with Italy most thought of (60%).

#3 Catching up on missed trips

61% want to go on a trip in 2022 (+24% compared to the previous year). Both the financial feasibility (70%) and the time feasibility (72%) are currently rated as good as never before by the respondents. 

#4 Travel Booking & Communication

The money-back guarantee continues to be the most important booking criterion. In addition, comprehensive information and good support are important, especially for respondents with an uncertain travel intention. 46% state that they currently have a significantly higher need for information.

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