ADMEIRA reorganizes its portfolio

The Swiss marketer ADMEIRA is reorganizing its portfolio.

From 2019 on, the Swiss luxury magazine BOLERO will appear as an insert to BILANZ and HANDELSZEITUNG. At the same time the business journals of ADMEIRA will cover the finance sector more comprehensively and connect online and print content even stronger.

As of 2019, the leading luxury magazine BOLERO will be enclosed with the business journals BILANZ and HANDELSZEITUNG six times a year. BOLERO which will take the place of the existing lifestyle supplement ICON, will keep discerning readers informed about topics from the worlds of culture, beauty, fashion and luxury. This will expand the circulation of BOLERO, and its reach among business- and lifestyle-oriented readers will increase accordingly.

BOLERO MEN and the French-language edition of BOLERO will be discontinued as of the end of 2018. The "T" magazine that comes with LE TEMPS appears 20 times a year. In six additional special editions "T" magazine will report on topics - covered up to now by the French edition of BOLERO -  such as fashion, beauty, jewellery, luxury and more. Thus BOLERO and "T" will together provide a new, national offering for an attractive target audience.

Concentration in business media portfolio

The portfolio of business journals will undergo consolidation. Structural change in the banking industry means that SCHWEIZER BANK will be discontinued by the end of 2018. The business journals BILANZ, HANDELSZEITUNG and SCHWEIZER VERSICHERUNG will in future cover the finance sector more comprehensively.

In addition, SCHWEIZER VERSICHERUNG will be supplemented by a newsletter, specialist blogs and events on pension and investment-related topics. These will include a planned guide to investments and financial products which will be closely networked with the online media. What's more, the existing online network of business media (, ) will integrate editorial contributions from SCHWEIZER VERSICHERUNG into its digital offering.

This more concentrated approach will at the same time expand advertising opportunities. The combined online and print offering allow advertisers to reach their finance-minded audience even more targeted through all channels.