Future of Food – How Germany eats

Cooking behavior in Germany is changing: Compared to recent years, people are cooking more often overall. According to the current findings on dietary and shopping behaviour from the b4p and b4p trends studies almost three quarters of Germans (A. 14+) say they really enjoy cooking at home. Interest is growing even more strongly among men than among women.

As the study shows, more and more consumers prefer sustainable products, including regional and organic products as well as fair trade-products. There is an upward trend in these products among both men and women - organic products in particular are very much in vogue and are continuing to grow strongly. In addition, 49% of respondents pay attention to seals and labels when shopping, with the fairtrade-seal being the most trusted at 8%. In addition, consumers would like to see other labels, such as the amount of CO2 emitted during the production of the product.

There is a notable trend toward less meat consumption. The number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians has increased significantly. The main reasons for not eating animal-based foods are personal health, the desire to reduce animal suffering, and environmental protection. However, Germans do not find it easy to give up eating meat: 59% of all respondents say that animal-based products simply taste too good compared to substitute products.

When it comes to food, people are most likely to trust family and friends (56%), followed by the media (44%) and supermarkets, organic food stores and market stalls (31%). Germans see the responsibility for overcoming ecological problems in the food industry primarily with the manufacturers.

The war of aggression on Ukraine has an impact on consumer behavior in several respects: Not only is more attention being paid to price, but people are also stocking up more often. Incidentally, almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) say they boycott brands whose stance on environmental or other social issues does not match their own values.

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