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SCHOENER-WOHNEN.de reaches 0.64 million unique users every month. 67% of SCHOENER-WOHNEN.de users are female. 56% of the target group are aged between 20 and 49 years. SCHOENER-WOHNEN.de users boast an above-average level of education: 43% have A-Levels or a university degree. 72% of users boast net household income of €2,000 or more, and 49% of users have an income of over €3,000 per month. Source: agof daily digital facts // Base: average month
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  1. * IVW 2021-12
  2. ** agof daily digital facts 2021-10


Since 2008, SCHOENER-WOHNEN.de has been the internet platform for everything you want to know about home style. It offers high quality editorial content and a homestyle community with user generated content. SCHOENER-WOHNEN.de offers users an opportunity to browse ideas for stylish homes, gather impressions with decoration videos, select from a variety of furniture and home accessories, find inspiration in examples of interior design and obtain advice from experts.

LIVING AT HOME and COUCH are included in coverage digital figures for SCHOENER WOHNEN.

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