About G+J i|MS

G+J i|MS is an international sales network for integrated solutions across media channels. This includes print and digital media, television and radio as well as ambient and corporate publishing solutions.

We are specialized in high-quality media for upscale target groups. This is why a growing number of media owners have become part of our international portfolio. Each of our media partners has a relevant position in its market and follows a strategy of publishing quality content.

Through inflight- and ambient media, we offer advertisers direct contact with their target group while they are on the move. And with social referral (“word-of-mouth”) we can even provide social media elements to your campaigns.

In a nutshell: we provide audiences and content based ideas rather than "just" ad pages and banners. And we suggest those media channels that best support your communication objectives.

Call us today to find out, what we can do for you.

If you want to learn more about our services for media owners please go to thebestsalesteamintheworld.com.