2021 – Finance Editorial in Europe’s finest media.


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DE STANDAARD MAGAZINE 21.04. and 09.11. Special Wealth Management 


Magazine On Sale Date  
CAPITAL 20.05. , 19.08. and 18.11. Sustainable money management
  17.06. The best asset managers and the best funds
  monthly Series: “The magician of the markets”
MANAGER MAGAZIN 19.02. and 19.03. Investing in the post-corona period
DER SPIEGEL – GELD SPECIAL 06.03., 08.05., 18.09. and 06.11.
(published 4 times a year)
- Real estate, finances, insurance, financial investment, financing, prevention
- Stock market, shares, capital, capital investment, financial industry, ETF
- Retirement, pension, insurance, savings plan


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NRC MEDIA 3rd quarter Circular/Sustainable Economy special
  4th quarter Personal finance Special


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EL ECONOMISTA 2nd quarter (excerpt - The best and worst players of active management in Spain
- Quarterly investment strategies: Equity and Fixed income
- 'Cheap funds': passive management
- Special: ESG & SRI - Water Day
- Special: Investments in Research and Innovation
- Special: E-Commerce & Technology
- Special: Transport, Mobility & Infrastructure
INVERSION 05.03. Digital finances
  12.03. Funds
  19.03. Trading
  26.03. Special: Financial advisors


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LE LUNDI FINANCE DU TEMPS* 29.03. Private equity and investments
  26.04. Alternative products
  31.05. Fintech & crypto
  28.06. Real estate
*Published on the last Monday of each month
HANDELSZEITUNG 18.03. and 10.06. MILLIONÄR (lifestyle supplement)
  01.04. Green economy
  29.04. Green mobility