agma survey: Magazine reach grows by 25%!

According to the interim evaluation of the acknowled German agma (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media Analyse), reading volume in terms of magazines and newspapers have clearly increased since the field launch of the current survey wave of the ma press media on March 8th.

The available data clearly show the increased interest of the population in reliable, qualitatively high-graded reporting and entertainment, especially in times of crisis.

Compared to the ma 2020 press media I, consumer magazines reach an average of 25% and daily newspapers an even 10% higher range.

Benchmarks of current print media usage:

  • Magazines in total have an average growth in reach of 25 %. Monthly titles increase their reach by 32 %, at biweekly magazines it is 24 and weekly magazines 23 %.
  • Daily newspapers increase their reach on average by 10 %, newsstand papers by 13 and regional subscription newspapers by 11 %.
    (Note: The range data are not adjusted to the TZD daily newspaper data record 2019)

Please note: The change in the behaviour of the population during the Corona pandemic is validely shown by the above mentioned key data (based on 1,815 personal interviews in the survey period from 8 to 30 March 2020). In view of the Corona-related exceptional situation in March, the member publishers of agma decided to take a snapshot of the current survey wave in comparison to the last survey wave of press media (survey period from Sept. 2018 to Feb. 2019 and from March 2019 to July 2019).