Crème de la crème in European Media & Advertising

With media opportunities for US clients in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland, there’s never a boring moment with us. Here’s a sampling of what our brands are doing online and on paper throughout Europe.


Through our partnership with Prisma Media, we offer a swath of native integrations which weave vivid stories of far-off destinations and bring distant places a little bit closer to the user, like they’ve done in a project for Great Britain Tourism on With well-known titles like NEON, GALA, FEMME ACTUELLE, and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FRANCE, Prisma reaches 42 million French people per month across all platforms—that’s 80% of France’s population! 35 million of these contacts are reached digitally, highlighting Prisma’s strong online presence.


Recently, STERN - one of Germany’s leading journalistic brands - has produced a new video format, DISKUTHEK. The premise is simple: Various voices with various viewpoints debate various topics. It’s quickly risen to success - the most watched video has reached over 1 million views on YouTube, and the series is currently on episode 28. With the option now to sponsor episodes inspired by current themes, this format offers advertising partners a chance to be closely aligned with a highly respected, highly credible title, which is the ideal placement for any brand.


In the German market, print is synonymous with high coverage, quality, respect, and credibility, meaning that a printed advertisement carries a lot of weight in Germany; for this reason, we don’t think we’ve exhausted all our opportunities with the medium. So, we’re constantly developing products that fit clients’ individual needs. One of our products—a booklet bound into LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN—was a thoughtful 28-page feature of Hungary; this booklet contoured the élan of Hungary while basking in the luxurious environment of Lufthansa. We’ve also created illustrated maps inserted into NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER as well as interactive card games which appeared in GEO SAISON.


For questions or follow-ups regarding our portfolio in France, Germany, or any other of our represented areas, please contact Kraig Davis (davis.kraig[at]

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