Danish media expand international reach

Our Danish partner Egmont was searching for options to increase the coverage of its successful brands. For the living mag RUM and the women’s mag EUROWOMAN, Egmont found the solution outside Denmark.

EGMONT publishes beautiful, high quality magazines that focus on fashion, living and food.  Brands such as EUROWOMAN, EUROMAN, ALT FOR DAMERNE and RUM (Danish for “space” – a high end living mag) have been around for some time and are successful with readers and advertisers alike.

Nevertheless, as Denmark’s population is rather small, EGMONT has been actively searching for options to increase the coverage of its magazines outside the Danish market. This is why it was decided two years ago to publish an international issue of its living magazine RUM.  

Dennis Christiansen (Global Agent and Key Account Manager EGMONT): “RUM had been going strong in the Danish market for 10 years. However, from both the editorial and the commercial angle, we saw potential for more. This is why we started RUM International in 2016: 250 pages, published three times a year, and distributed in 25 countries. The success of this newcomer proved that we were right, but led us to wonder: Which other brands might also have potential for a broader audience?”

The answer is out: In April 2019 EUROWOMAN – Denmark's leading and most widely read fashion magazine for the educated woman - will follow suit. Its extra-large Scandinavian issue will partly be in English, and will not only be distributed within Denmark but in Sweden and Norway as well.  

Dennis Christiansen: “We’re excited as this is the first time we purposely address Scandinavian women outside Denmark. As EUROWOMAN’s readership in Sweden and Norway has risen tremendously over the last years, it made sense to further appeal to this extended readership with a dedicated issue.”

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