Despite Corona - Christmas remains gift-giving season

“The corona pandemic and its impact on everyday life” is the title of an ongoing Ad Alliance Corona Study. Since March 2020, Ad Alliance has been conducting continuous surveys on the media use, leisure and consumption behavior of Germans and is currently publishing the results of the 5th study wave, which was conducted at the beginning of the (partial) lockdown in Germany. It shows that Germans are obviously crisis-tested.

Germany is much more relaxed with the "Lockdown Light" and returns to the learned behavior during the first lockdown: Social contacts are still reduced, leisure activities take place at home again and people return to the mobile/home office already set up for work. In contrast, the desire to shop is almost unbroken and there is no shortage of shopping-ideas for the time during, but also after, the (partial) lockdown.

Christmas wishes want to be fulfilled despite the pandemic

Even in the year of the Corona pandemic - Christmas is still just around the corner and with a view to the plans of the German population, retailers can be happy, because consumer behavior remains stable despite the lockdown. Many are sticking to their previous consumption habits and continuing to make purchases - whether locally or online. Especially now, in the fourth quarter, the propensity to buy is increasing in its customary manner. Christmas wishes want to be fulfilled despite the pandemic, and so 82 percent of those surveyed say they want to spend at least as much as before.

The wish list is headed by books/eBooks, toys and (high-quality) food and delicacies - all products that can also be purchased online if in doubt. Regardless of the planned Christmas purchases, Germany continues to consume: In general, toys, electronic devices, office and stationery items are bought more frequently than before. Favorites in online shopping have been electronic devices and clothing/shoes/accessories/jewelry unbroken since the start of the pandemic. The opportunity to shop 24 hours a day, contact-free and conveniently is used actively.

'Saved' income is being used to fulfill Christmas wishes

"Practical experience confirms the research results," explains Frank Vogel, CSMO of Ad Alliance. "Not only are consumers dealing with the situation more calmly, but so is the advertising industry. In contrast to spring, the pandemic is not new, but has been accompanying us through everyday life for several months now; accordingly, everyone has adjusted to the 'new normal'. We are confident that there will be no further major uncertainties in the market. The course of the fourth quarter so far gives us confidence - more advertising is being done and at the same time the 'saved' income is being used to fulfill Christmas wishes.

The power of habit is asserting itself, with three-quarters of all respondents (77%) stating that they have learned a lot from the first lockdown and are confident that they will be able to cope better with the situation. This is also reflected in their leisure activities, which reflect interesting aspects: At the beginning of the second lockdown, for example, 46% say they participate more frequently in further training measures (46%).

The crisis has profiled the media

Likewise, media (38%) are once again being used more frequently. Parallel to the survey period, the focus was not only on the Corona issue, but also on the US elections. However, after the 5th survey wave, the positions of the various media channels are clearer than ever. While at the beginning of the pandemic the media were mainly used to inform about the virus and the situation in Germany, they have now taken on many other functions in the context of the crisis.

TV is channel number 1 for trustworthy information on Corona and has currently consolidated its position as the most reliable companion during the pandemic. TV provides the most reassurance and support to come through the crisis armed. The streaming offers, on the other hand, succeed best in distracting attention from Corona. In terms of subscriptions, streaming offers, magazines and podcasts have the most to offer.

The results show that, despite renewed restrictive measures, the calm and security of recent months continues among the German population. Based on the experience gained so far, the mood is optimistic about coping well with the renewed lockdown and people are only restricting themselves where they have to.


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