ECONOMIA DIGITAL breaks record

The ECONOMÍA DIGITAL portal breaks its historical audience record with more than 5 million readers, while Grupo ED reaches 11.5 million.

Grupo ED's news coverage of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic achieved wide readership and user support in March, according to the monthly data provided by comScore.

Grupo ED achieved a monthly growth of 26% with its sites (ECONOMÍA digital sites), reaching 11.5 million readers in Spain. Visits rose by 34% to 90 million. Each session lasted, on average, 2.5 minutes, so readers accumulated 120 million minutes.

The records of ECONOMÍA digital sites place Grupo ED as the third largest news publisher based in Barcelona – only surpassed by LA VANGUARDIA and EL PERIÓDICO – ; it is the sixth native Spanish Internet group and fifteenth largest newspaper conglomerate in Spain including newspapers produced in Madrid, news agencies, television and radio stations.


Within ECONOMÍA DIGITAL SITES, the growth of ECONOMIA DIGITAL itself stands out. The site grew by 126% in one month to 5.05 million unique users, as comScore reported.

GRUPO ED's traditional commitment to providing local information has propelled ECONOMÍA DIGITAL GALICIA to its best position ever. With 366,000 unique users in March, the Galician edition expanded 207% over February.

The audience turned to GRUPO ED's portals not only in search of reliable news about the Covid-19, but also to analyze the situation. In March, ECONOMÍA DIGITAL IDEAS exceeded 100,000 readers. This is five times the average traffic of last year.

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