Expert talk on energy and nutrition

As part of the Gruner + Jahr format “Übern Tellerrand” in which experts share their knowledge with G+J employees, Dr. Anne Fleck and BRIGITTE editor Meike Dinklage recently talked about “Energy – get a move on and do it right!” and the connection between bowel, brain and emotions.

Dr. Anne Fleck is a rheumatologist and an expert on innovative preventive and nutritional medicine. She is a best-selling author and one of the doctors of the German TV series "Die Ernährungs-Docs" (“nutrition doctors”).

Together with BRIGITTE editor Meike Dinklage, Anne also hosts a podcast on health and nutrition and is the driving force behind BRIGITTE LEBEN, a coaching magazine also focusing on her area of expertise.

Of course everyone is different, but here are 5 simple tricks of Dr. Fleck to improve your wellbeing:

  • #1 Do you allow your teeth to do their job? The digestion starts with chewing properly. Think about it during your next meal: Take your time.
  • #2 Start your day with 2 (!) glasses of water (medium temp) and enjoy your breakfast a little later to allow 12 hours between meals. A bit of morning exercise will boost the positive effect.
  • #3 If you feel less energetic than you are used to, you might lack vitamins or minerals. Better check with a doctor before you randomly take them. If magnesium is what you lack, Anne recommends taking it just before you dose off – even after you brushed your teeth.
  •  #4 Especially while working from home: Do you get at least 30 minutes of sunshine daily to produce Vitamin D? Some of us save time by not commuting at the moment. But do you spend at least some of the time saved outside? Or do you stay even longer at your desk - inside? Get out while the sun is still up!
  •  #5 Ear acupressure: briefly but intensively knead your entire auricle. This activates the entire organism according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.