FD has won the European Newspaper of the Year award

FD’s new concept and design win awards.

The international jury praised the FD for its well-organised layout and variety of storylines using infographics. Special attention was devoted to the way in which the FD combines online and printed content: ‘A role model for European newspapers’. In early September this year, the FD revamped all its printed issues, including the FD Persoonlijk weekend magazine. The FD is allowed to call itself ‘European Newspaper of the Year’ in the coming year.

The European Newspaper Award was established to stimulate the exchange of new concepts and designs in European news media. In all, 182 newspapers from 25 countries participated in the competition, with the FD taking home the title in the category Nationwide Newspaper. When praise translates to an expanding print run, you can definitely call it a success: the FD recently passed the threshold of 90,000 paying subscribers, representing an ample 12% growth compared to last year.

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