FLOW: Successful from the Start


Marking the publication of the third issue, Prisma Media has announced first sales figures for the French FLOW: The first two issues have sold an averageof 80,000 copies each.

The very first edition alone, published on February 12th, sold 71,000 magazines at the newsstands, 7,500 in the French-speaking neighboring countries Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as well as another 3,000 as subscription. In total FLOW has already generated 4,500 subscriptions with the first three issues. Thus, the magazine has established itself as a strong brand and with a very active social media community in the French market.

In particular, the community, launched simultaneously with the print edition and only a few months old, has grown considerably: on Facebook FLOW now lists 16,440 fans - adding at least 100 more daily. On Twitter FLOW has 1,700, on Instagram 10,000 followers, and on Pinterest 4,035 subscribers.

Pascale Soquet, publisher for the Women’s department at Prisma Media: "We are very proud of these exceptional results we have achieved with the first two issues of FLOW. Unique in the women's segment, the magazine caters perfectly to the reader trend ‘slow reading’ with its editorial concept, the community idea and the different types of paper."

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