G+J e|MS Umfeldfinder: Topics of NZZ and DER STANDARD at a glance

The G+J e|MS “Umfeldfinder” (“Environment Finder”) has become successfully established in the market. Since recently, two clients from the international portfolio of G+J International Media Sales (G+J i|MS) are now bookable via the planning and buying tool: the NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG in Switzerland and DER STANDARD in Austria.

Since the beginning of 2018 the G+J e|MS “Umfeldfinder” (“Environment Finder”) has been available to media agencies from all over Germany. This practice-oriented tool for daily media planning and buying enables a databank-supported selection of specific print environments from the G+J e|MS portfolio. Since then, around 40 agencies have registered, and during the first half of 2018 they submitted over 30,000 search queries and placed a triple-digit number of bookings.

Simultaneously, media interest in being represented in the tool is also rising outside Germany: with the two G+J i|MS publishing partners NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG from Switzerland and DER STANDARD from Austria, two titles from the international marketing portfolio are now present in the “Umfeldfinder” (“Environment Finder”), enabling the inclusion of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in the media planning process. In the medium term, the integration of all appropriate titles from the G+J i|MS portfolio in the Environment Finder is planned. Parallel to this, intensive discussions are underway with other publishing houses who are interested in having the “Umfeldfinder” (“Environment Finder”) included in their marketing organisations.

Umfeldfinder (Environment Finder)

For further information please contact Katrin Rentschler, rentschler.katrin[at]guj.de.