G+J Germany: New editorial search tool

High-quality journalistic magazines offer reliable editorial environments for effective brand communication. A new tool allows to search for upcoming editorial topics.

High-quality journalistic titles offer advertisers reliable environments for effective brand name communication. The new Thematic Finder, developed by G+J e|MS, will greatly simplify the selection of suitable settings. In the medium to long term, the Thematic Finder will offer  agencies and their clients a multi-publisher overview of the print environments in Germany and abroad as well.

With the Thematic Finder, G+J e|MS has created a practice-oriented tool for daily media planning. The core of the finder is a database-supported selection of specific thematic print environments. The tool is intuitive to use; a search function enables an automated overview of relevant editorial surroundings in the print titles marketed by G+J e|MS and facilitates reservations in the desired environments.

In the past, the selection of thematic environments was carried out through telephone or Email agreements between agency, client and marketer. The Thematic Finder now gives all participants their individual search results as an overview of the suitable titles, complete with the on-sale dates and brief descriptions of the respective environments. The results can be exported as an Excel list for further use in the agencies’ own systems. After logging in, a dashboard also shows every user new or updated thematic settings, matches with a pre-set watch list, new titles and keywords, as well as the history of earlier reservations and thematic inquiries.

Frank Vogel, management spokesman at G+J e|MS: “The Thematic Finder is a tailor-made tool with which we have turned agency wishes for a databank-supported selection of specific thematic surroundings into reality. In the future, the planning and booking processes will be considerably streamlined. Simultaneously, agencies and clients will now enjoy a hitherto unknown thematic transparency of our portfolio.”

G+J e|MS is currently holding talks with other publishing houses who also view the Thematic Finder as a contribution to their own marketing organisations.

Thematic Finder