G+J i|MS France wins representation of NRC Media

Good news: G+J i|MS exclusively represents NRC Media in France from now on. Through the business and decision-making media of NRC Media, the G+J i|MS Paris office is further expanding its selective portfolio for high profile international clients and agencies.

The NRC Media portfolio includes the newspapers NRC Handelsblad, NRC.next, NRC Weekend, the lifestyle magazine Het Blad, and the website nrc.nl. The high-quality journalistic content reaches 4.1 million highly educated, high-income Dutch readers monthly.

  • NRC.NEXT and NRC HANDELSBLAD: These national independent quality newspapers offer background information, reportage, domestic and international news. Both are published from Monday to Friday (nrc.next in the mornings and NRC Handelsblad in the afternoon) and consist of three sections: news & opinion; culture, economics & career; and sport.
  • NRC WEEKEND: The weekend edition of NRC is a high-quality, independent newspaper offering background information and analyses of national and international news. NRC Weekend is one of the newspapers in the Netherlands with the longest reading time and reaches over 600,000 readers within an average week. Its brand claim is to be “a newspaper for the head and the heart”. It offers four sections: opinion & debate, economics, science, and weekend life.
  • HET BLAD: This cultural and upscale lifestyle magazine is published 10 times a year. In addition to interviews, photographic reports and inspiring stories, each edition focuses on fashion, design, travel, food and drinks.
  • NRC.NL: Every month, nrc.nl reaches an average of 3.3 million Dutch and has over 41.5 million page views. The number of paying readers is growing, and readers are spending a long time on its online articles. In addition, newsletters and social media extend NRC’s digital reach.

The partnership between NRC Media and G+J i|MS started in 2013 with a representation in Germany. Since then, the collaboration has expanded to several other countries, among them Austria, Belgium, Scandinavia and the UK.

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