G+J i|MS webinar on programmatic advertising

Nearly 100 participants attended this month’s webinar about trends in programmatic advertising, a rapidly growing branch of the online advertising market. Programmatic experts from “The Guardian”, Prisma Media, RTL Ad Connect and Ad Alliance explained current developments and gave insights about their work.

How can the luxury sector use programmatic advertising to strengthen its brands? What do programmatic solutions look like in a data-driven world? How can programmatic advertising efficiently be used in TV advertising?

The webinar was initiated and hosted by the i|MS sales office in Italy, in cooperation with RTL Ad Connect, to promote the current trends of the growing branch to business partners. Programmatic advertising requires specific skills in the fields of technology and marketing as well as continuous updates to cover all the ongoing changes.

André Freiheit, Executive Director G+J i|MS: “We have publishers in our portfolio who not only have relevant digital scopes in their marketplace but also further drive the development and innovation in their fields. Therefore, we could give our clients as well as our agency partners a good overview of the status of programmatic business.”

Initially planned as an attendance seminar, the event was then held online, thus allowing more people to participate. You can watch a recording of the webinar here.