GALA digital now in Top 50!


GALA digital is still on the road of success – growing by over 60% in performance.

GALA digital continues growing fast and is catching up with competitors.  In May, GALA Digital was able to increase its visits to 18.97 million – compared to the previous year it grew by 60 percent! With this result the digital offer of GALA is according to IVW – the German Audit Bureau of Circulations - the first time amongst the Top 50 digital offers in Germany. 

Christine Nieland, Digital Business Director G+J Digital Products: “We started in the last year a big campaign in the digital and mobile sector. The success of this campaign is mirrored amongst others in the IVW-figures.”

Doris Brückner, chief editor of GALA Digital: “We invest also editorially a lot in the development of GALA Digital to let our female readers dip 24/7 into the world of the rich and beautiful. Thereto also counts the expansion of our social media activities and moving images initiatives.”

The rapid growth of GALA digital shows itself also in the mobile offers: the number of mobile visits grew to 11.48 million visits (+ 91% compared to prev. year!).

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